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Our Top 5 Tips for Cruising Solo!

We might all still have nightmares about getting picked last for kickball, or sitting alone at lunch in the school cafeteria, but something wonderful happens when we decide to travel solo. Instead of being a lonely or sad experience, traveling solo is just the opposite - an incredible opportunity for self-discovery, growth, and transformation. And at risk of sounding selfish, we think it's pretty awesome and fun to be able to be able to wake up and go to bed when you want, eat when, where and what you want, and go where and when you want without having to worry about anyone else's needs or opinions. Don't get us wrong - friends & family are great, but traveling solo is a chance to experience the world on your own terms, and to define your experience exactly how you want.

At I Cruise Solo, it's easier than ever to travel solo with our zero solo supplement fares, and we think that cruises are a fantastic way to embark out into the world on your own. Below are our top 5 tips for cruising solo!

  1. Find other solos on board - Many of the cruise lines we work with, such as Regent Seven Seas, offer solo cruiser meet ups on board the ship. You can meet other solo cruisers at happy hours offered every night of the cruise, and then either continue on to dinner with the group or make your own arrangements. It's a great way to meet some other solos and get to know some familiar faces on board! Also, consider booking one of our Virtuoso hosted sailings. You'll have your host as a point of contact during the entire voyage, and will be invited to exclusive Virtuoso get-togethers on board with other passengers. It's another great way to meet people and find some friendly faces on board the ship! We've also heard great things about solo cruisers finding each other pre-cruise online, and the I Cruise Solo forum is a fantastic place to do just that.

  2. Try a class on-board - These days, on board classes abound in a wide variety of options, so there's something for everyone - and it's a fantastic way to meet new people over common interests, all while learning something new! Many ships now offer full state-of-the-art cooking classrooms, where you can learn new recipes from top-trained chefs and use fresh ingredients from local ports. If that's not your speed, try an exercise class at one of the state of the art fitness centers that ships have on board these days, or see if your cruise is offering an on board activity like trivia or card games like bridge. We're certain there will be something to suit your fancy!

  3. Embrace the excursions - Excursions are a great opportunity to meet new people while exploring somewhere new. While the idea of going on an excursion solo may feel daunting at first, we're certain that you'll soon warm up to being able to experience a new location or activity while making friends. Most travelers are open minded and embrace meeting new people, and a shared excursion is a great icebreaker for discussion.

  4. Make it special for you - Ever wanted to do something, but had to compromise to the wishes of others, or the best interest of the group? A solo trip is the perfect opportunity to do all the things that you rarely -or never- get to do when traveling with others, and make it a specially tailored experience just for you. So go ahead - spend hours in that history museum other people think is boring, eat gelato for all three meals of the day, spend the entire day people watching at a café, or take a class in something that really interests you. The world is your oyster, and you're the sole captain of this experience!

  5. Embrace the experience - Cruising solo may sound a bit scary - but we promise that it doesn't have to be! With the number of solo travelers having skyrocketed over the last decade or so, you'll be far from the only person forging their path alone, and so many others have discovered the beauty and growth found in seeing the world as one. Even if you end up hating it and deciding to never travel solo again, we're certain that you'll return home with a few more life lessons, at least a few good memories, and an unforgettable trip you can tell your friends about for years to come. Who knows - you might just end up a convert!

So there you have it - our top 5 tips for cruising solo. We'd love to hear any and all feedback, stories, and ideas you have, so feel free to drop us a line or give us a call! And if we've convinced you to give cruising solo a try, don't hesitate in checking out all of our zero solo supplement voyages and seeing if one sparks your interest. The world is waiting to be discovered!

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