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Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. Don't see your question answered below? Feel free to send us an email at and we would be happy to answer it!

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What is a solo supplement, and what makes I Cruise Solo so special? 

When a cruise prices a cabin for double occupancy, they assume it will be filled with two people. A solo supplement is the additional amount on top of the double occupancy fare per person that a single traveler must pay to travel alone in a room priced for two people. Thus, solo cruisers usually have to pay more per person to travel alone than those traveling with a companion. I Cruise Solo only offers cruises with zero solo supplement, which means that solo travelers never have to pay extra when they book with us - even when cruising in a stateroom made for two people! 


I do not live in the US. Can I still book with you?

Absolutely! We are a full service travel agency and are able to work with clients from all over the world. Please do note that all of the pricing on our site is listed in USD, but we are able to assist you no matter where you live.


Why should I book with you?

I Cruise Solo is the only full service travel agency offering zero solo supplement cruises over multiple cruiselines and for a huge variety of destinations. Our parent agency, Specialty Cruise & Villas, is a Virtuoso member agency, which means that we can also usually get on board perks for our clients. We are a well-established & family-owned agency who has decided to try and fill a unsatisfied need in the cruising market - solo travel!


Where do you sail? Do you sail oceans and rivers?

The cruise lines we work with sail to destinations worldwide on both rivers and oceans. The variety of itineraries we offer are endless! 


Why don't you have any sailings for ____ cruise line?

If a cruise line is not listed on our website, that means that we are not partnered with them. The cruise lines we partner with and list on our website have agreed to offer a number of zero supplement sailings to our clients, and to honor these prices.


I have never traveled solo before and am concerned about being lonely.

We know that traveling solo can be a daunting venture, especially if it is the first time you have traveled alone. All of the cruise lines that we work with make a special effort to support solo travelers with special events to meet other people traveling alone, organized tables at dinner, and excursions specifically for solo travelers. For any traveler who is especially apprehensive about traveling alone, we recommend trying one of our Virtuoso Hosted Voyages, where you will have a contact on board, and will be invited to hosted events to meet other travelers. It's a great way to give solo cruising a try while having plenty of opportunities to meet other people!


Why do I need to be a member of your site to see the sailings?

Our zero solo supplement sailings are available for our members thanks to our close relationships with cruise lines. As zero solo supplement sailings are rare in the cruise industry, our partners have requested that we list our sailings behind a members only wall. Membership will always be free and available to anyone who would like to join!


How do I get the zero solo supplement rate?

To get the zero solo supplement fare, you simply need to book with our agency. If you are interested in sailing on one of our listed cruises, send us an email and we will begin the process of getting the cruise booked for you! 

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